Milky Marvin was in The Oogieloves in the big ballon adventure. Chazz Palmenteri protrayed Milky Marvin.

Milky Marvin has a bar known as Milky Marvin's Milkshake Manor. Milky Marvin's main workers are known as Moola and Minera (What sort of names are those).

Milky Marvin has a hipster (as in, what the definition meant in the days of Sam and Friends, the original Muppet program) voice. Milky Marvin often said "Oh!". Milky Marvin liked to call customers "daddy o", enforcing the 1950s standards of Lovelyloveville.

Milky Marvin sand a song about how to make milkshakes. Milky Marvin's customers danced

milky marvin likes milky cocks and sucking cow penises. (Which do not actually exist, so Milky Marvin sucks Bobby Wobbly's dick in front of Human-Sized Candy Cane instead) Milky Marvin also enjoys collecting samples of celebrity hair.


Note : Milky Marvin speaks like the late Robbie Rotten! He is number -.1!!!