Gooby (full name Goobthwait J. Gooferikson) is a green kewl dude in The Uncle Dolan Show. He's the co-star.

He is not as cool as the star, Dolan, but he actually has most of the fans in the show along with Dolan and Bobby Wobbly. His life would be less miserable than it already is if it wasn't for Dolan. He spends most of season 2 strapped to a machine in McDolans that drains his semen to use in burgers. Dolan forgot about him, and he spent a long time having his semen drained.

He has been in every episode so far EXCEPT episode 17 - dolan's theme park. Shima Luan eventually replaced him, before she ended up being frozen in Carbonite for being a fan-favorite. A hypocritical Dolan then hired dozens of guests, and declined Gooby’s offer to return to the show, before changing his mind. Now he works as Dolan’s stagehand, and a stunt double for the umpteen forgettable actors on the show.

The odd shape of his face is accredited to American artist Peter Goudanis after a tragic incident between his dog and a lawn mower. He morns the loss but wanted a happier way to remember the beast.